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Application Notes

Test plans, software functions, extensions.

Here you find application notes that show special functions and applications.


Test plans
Hardware configuration

Standard tasks

This application note describes different standard tasks, as parameter tests and cycle life tests. Detailed examples show the usage of cycle counters, sampling rate, and termination criteria. Additionally the usage of the internal data analyses is shown. Go to the Application Note  and to the  Test Plans.

Different test plan examples

In this collection of test plans you find examples where the deviation of signals and a reference current are used. Additionally it is shown how the efficiency of a battery can be measured. Download  of the Test Plans.

Charge factor an reference capacity

The report describes how charging with a charging factor is possible and how a reference capacity can be used in a test plan. In the shown example the real battery capacity is measured every 50 cycles and the cycle depth (here 60%) is adapted to the real battery capacity. Here you can download the Application Note and the Test Plans.

Grading of cells and the use of digital IO ports

The grading of cells is a typical task for a receiving inspection (begin of line test). Battery packs manufactured by selected cells result in a more homogeneous operation of the pack (and the cells within the pack) what is important to guaranty a long lifetime. Within this application note a method for cell grading is described. This method uses the digital IO ports to display the cell grade. Go to the Application Note.