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About BaSyTec, our history, and our customers.

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About BaSyTec

Our products are highly efficient and flexible solutions for testing of batteries of different technologies and sizes.

BaSyTec was founded in 1999 by a team of three battery experts. The target was the development of a revolutionary battery testing solution. BaSyTec was the first company that uses consequently a database system for all data handling in our test systems and battery laboratories. Tasks as resource management (test channels) for the laboratory as well as highly integrated and powerful data analyzing methods and finally the possibility to generate test reports. Additionally our test solution is an open system. We can integrate temperature chambers and data loggers from every brand or we can use the data of an existing battery management system within the control of testing..

Today more than 1000 BaSyTec test systems are worldwide in operation and support Research and development of new electrode materials, batteries but also the development of large battery systems for electric vehicles and stationary applications.

Our test systems have a high reliability and can run over many years for 24h every day. The user-friendly software allows for the operator to concentrate on the topics and do highly efficient battery tests. Our test software is continuously improved and distributed to our customers.

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The History of BaSyTec

BaSyTec GmbH was founded in 1999 as a spin-of of a research center located in Ulm/Germany. At this research center a team of technician, engineers and scientists was working on battery material characterization and battery testing and fast charging methods. For cycling of electrochemical materials we were using expensive potentiostates with some simple software. So we started to develop our own hardware and software to be cheaper, more flexible and more user friendly. The developed tests system was used for in-house testing and about 10 systems were sold to partners. So we got a lot of feed-back and wishes for further developments, as higher currents, power and voltage, as faster control and data acquisition, higher number of test channels and more flexibility and a further improved user friendly software. To fulfill this new requirements, we decided to develop a complete new system (hardware and software) within the new founded company.

The first test system was delivered in December 1999 and was used for investigation of batteries for sensor systems. The next projects followed in early 2000 and were related to Li-ion cell manufacturing and power tools.

The first location of BaSyTec was Dischingen, but we moved very soon to Oellingen what is about 20 km in the north of Ulm. Since 2009 we moved to Asselfingen where we have now enough space for further expansion.

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Our Customers

Our customers are located in many countries of Europa, Asia and Australia. In several countries we have representatives (see contacts).

The applications where our test systems are used, are along the whole value chain of batteries (active and passive materials, cell production, battery systems, several battery applications, and recycling). Caused by the flexible hard- and software structure, our test systems are not only used as stand alone solutions, but are also integrated in other test frameworks.

Typical applications are material research at universities and research centers and battery cell production. Within cell production our test systems are used for formation, end of line test and quality control. Many of our customers are in several battery applications (power-tools, electric vehicles, stationary storage systems and others) and characterize cells to qualify them for there products.

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Production of our Test Systems

The test systems are manufactured in our headquarter in Asselfingen/Germany. Many of our test systems areĀ  specifically designed or adapted for our customers, so flexible manufacturing facilities are necessary. For production we cooperate with several local partners.