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Reference voltage inputs for the CTS

We have a new option for the CTS series: an additional reference voltage input per channel.

The hardware will measure the voltage between Ref and Sense+, will be Urp in the software.

Urn is calculated as Urp-U.

The option is available only for new systems, it cannot be retrofitted into existing ones.

20 Years BaSyTec!

The BaSyTec GmbH company is getting 20 years old this year. The first company agreement has been signed on July 5th 1999 and has been registered on September 7th 1999.

The BaSyTec GmbH has been founded by Prof. Dr. Andreas Jossen, Dr. René Groiß and Volker Späth, all 3 working at the ZSW in Ulm at that time.

Today about 1700 battery test systems have been built (excl. the BCT series).

New phone provider, Monday 20.05.2019

We have to change our phone provider so there may be problems to reach us by phone on Monday, 20.05.2019.

Please use eMail instead:

Number 1 still alive!

This week we got the BaSyTec system with serial number 1 for calibration. It is running for 20 years without any repairs now and could still be operated with the actual software. Also upgrades would be possible, for example on our latest CPU generation.


If you have checked the XCTS MKII image carefully you may have realized: There is a new CPU, our third generation:

  1. Generation N, 1999, Single Core @25MHz, 2MB RAM, 3mm LED
  2. Generation X, 2006, Single Core @266MHz, 32MB (later128MB) RAM, 5mm LED
  3. Generation C, 2018, Quad Core @1.9GHz, 4GB RAM, RJ45 on front

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After the big success of our “old” XCTS with 25 or 50A the “new” XCTS MKII with 40, 60 or 80A is available now.

The XCTS MKII is an enhancement of the “old” XCTS. Changes are:

  • more current and power
  • much better precision (up to 1mA)
  • all variants max. 6V
  • power limitation at higher voltage
  • all variants have gold plated D-SUB connectors


New Hompage

As our old homepage was outdated and not supporting mobile devices, we decided to update our homepage. We hope that it is user friendly and the presentation is clearly done.  If you have further ideas, please contact us by email.