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Our RPS-HR series can be offered at up to 1200V today.

XCTS now up to 800A / 10 channels in parallel operation

Actual XCTS (that is from mid 2023) can put up to 10 channels in parallel now.

That means up to 600A for 60A XCTS and up to 800A for 80A XCTS.

Requires the parallel option and software in rev. 6.3.2 or later.


New app note: CAN

There is a new app note showing how to use the CAN interface with BaSyTec Battery Test Systems:

App notes

New -HR product series

As announced, we have a new converters board. It will be used in all test system series except CTS and XCTS and has the following new features:

  • 24Bit
  • 70V possible for MDS or GSM testers
  • new mixed D-Sub battery connector
  • NTC temperature input at the battery connector
  • parallel option
  • second current range option
  • former AUX3/AUX4 voltage inputs are skipped

That is independent of the test system series, so also for our old MDS, GSM and LPS,

Here is an image of the first unit:

still with the old marking.

As MDS, GSM and LPS do not differentiate any more from customers sight we do call all 3 LPS-HR today. So all MDS, GSM and LPS are replaced by the LPS-HR now.

Altough our software does not support the 24Bit today the new converters have advantages: much less noise and more accuracy (but we’d write that in the datasheets after we got some experience with it, not today). As we will implement our new EIS hardware in the software first the 24Bit feature will take at least one year from now.

The product datasheets have been updated accordingly – see products

We expect to deliver the first products in the second quarter of 2023. The prices won’t change because of that, so the old price lists are still valid.

Retirement of the orange connector

For more than 20 years it has been a typical part of our products (except CTS/XCTS), now we do retire it:

The orange connector.

As we have reworked our oldest module (the so-called “Analog”), the orange connector has been replaced by a mixed D-SUB:

We plan to change during the second quarter of 2023.

Of course not only the connector has been changed but also many features have been added.

More on that briefly.

Merry Christmas

We wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year!

Lookup Tables

Not really new but seems as many of you did not find the functionality in the BaSyTec Software since now.

Many actual fast charge methods require a lookup table giving the max. charge current dependent of SOC and temperature.

Things like that can be realized in the BaSyTec Software with the OSI_Table.dll.

You may find the dll on our software download page or your BaSyTec USB stick.

The documentation is in the third appendix of the BaSyTec Software manual.


Reference voltage inputs for the CTS

We have a new option for the CTS series: an additional reference voltage input per channel.

The hardware will measure the voltage between Ref and Sense+, will be Urp in the software.

Urn is calculated as Urp-U.

The option is available only for new systems, it cannot be retrofitted into existing ones.

20 Years BaSyTec!

The BaSyTec GmbH company is getting 20 years old this year. The first company agreement has been signed on July 5th 1999 and has been registered on September 7th 1999.

The BaSyTec GmbH has been founded by Prof. Dr. Andreas Jossen, Dr. René Groiß and Volker Späth, all 3 working at the ZSW in Ulm at that time.

Today about 1700 battery test systems have been built (excl. the BCT series).

New phone provider, Monday 20.05.2019

We have to change our phone provider so there may be problems to reach us by phone on Monday, 20.05.2019.

Please use eMail instead: