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Frequent asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you find answers on frequent asked questions.

How can the temperature of a climate chamber be set in a test plan?

It is possible to connect climate chambers to the BaSyTec system by an interface. For many climate chambers we have drivers developed (see download driver). If your climate chamber is not supported yet, please contact us and we can develop the driver or you get all...

How to repair corrupted database tables?

If there are unexpected error messages of the data base, the measured data is damaged or the BaSyTec software is not starting, this is maybe caused by a corrupted database table. This type of error can somtimes appear  by the BDE database. Use the BDERepairTool to...

How to send measured data to us?

If you have problems with your test system we maybe need your measured data for failure analyzing. How to export ant transfer data, you will find here.

How to change the sign of measured data in graphs?

While data collection and storing currents, charge and energies have a negative sign while discharging. Generating a graph, for example the discharge capacity over cycle number, the capacity is dispüayed as a negative value. How to change this sign? The original...