Keep your system on the newest software version.


Here you find the latest software updates, manuals, drivers and tools.

BaSyTec Battery Test Software

Software for all test system series (but not BCT).


Driver for climate chambers and other devices.

BCT Software

Software for the BCT tester.

Manuals und Help Files

Manuals and help files for our test systems and our test software.


Different tools for our test systems.

BaSyTest Software Updates

All pc software updates contain the firmware of the test systems.

Version 6

Changes and Comments

Description of software changes of version 6.

Complete installation version of the software. (Update might be required)

Newest update for version 6.

Version 6 must be already installed on the system. If this is not the case, please use the installation version..

Changes and Comments

Installation manual for Windows 7 version.

Version (installation)

from 20th of July 2016

Installation version of version 5

Version (update)

from 21st January 2014

Newest update for version 5.

Version 5 must be already installed on your system.

Version (update)

from 10th March 2008

Update to version

Attention: With version there were significant changes in the RS 232 operation mode. This was necessary to harmonize the operation modes Ethernet and RS232. If you are using the RS232 mode or the simulation mode (based on RS 232 mode) please carefully read the readme file and adapt your test plans.


Version 4


Changes and Comments

The use of version 4 is no longer recommended. One reason to use version 4 is the usage of old operation systems, as Win 95, 98 ME and NT.

Version (update)

from 28th January 2006

Last update of Version 4. Version 4 must be already installed.

BaSyTec driver

Driver for climate chambers, interfaces and other external devices.


Changes and Comments

Collection of driver for all supported climate chambers and temperature controller.

RCI drivers

Driver for CAN Interface und Can Mapping Tool (latest version)

BaSyTec Manuals and Help Files


Changes and Comments

Manual for the BaSyTest software.

Hardware Manual for the test systems (all series wo. BCT)

Installation manual

Documentation of the BDE databse SQL commands. (until version 5 relevant)

Tools (different)

Driver, Version, Date

Changes and Comments

Tool for analyzing and repairing of database tables.

Example for an Open Software Interface (OSI)

Tool to generate of printable calibration protocols and for mixing of data from two channels.

Tool zum Testen von Treibern für Klimakammern. Es können Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit gesetzt und die Messwerte zurückgelesen werden.

Tool for repairing of corrupted database tables as it was possible an error in Version –

BCT Software and Documentation

Date, Version

Changes and Comments

Installation version of the BCT Software.

Update of the BCT Software (latest version).

Hardware manual (latest version).

Software manual (latest version)