While data collection and storing currents, charge and energies have a negative sign while discharging. Generating a graph, for example the discharge capacity over cycle number, the capacity is dispüayed as a negative value. How to change this sign?

The original stored data cannot be manipulated by the software and as the negative sign is according the nomenclature of our test system, the original data should not be manipulated. The displayed data in the graph is based on a SQL statement that is normally generated automatically (for your convenience). However, it is possible to edit the SQL command and to change the sign simply. Within the graphic display simply do a double click on the curve you want to change. A dialogue bos opens and there is a button with the name SQL. Click on this button and you will see the used SQL command and you can edit it. The command will be something like this:

select  D.’cycle-count’ as X,  D.’Ah_Step’ as Y,  D.’Line’
from …………..

change this in:

select  D.’cycle-count’ as X, -D.’Ah_Step’ as Y,  D.’Line’
from …………..

Further information are given in the manual and the online help.