As announced, we have a new converters board. It will be used in all test system series except CTS and XCTS and has the following new features:

  • 24Bit
  • 70V possible for MDS or GSM testers
  • new mixed D-Sub battery connector
  • NTC temperature input at the battery connector
  • parallel option
  • second current range option
  • former AUX3/AUX4 voltage inputs are skipped

That is independent of the test system series, so also for our old MDS, GSM and LPS,

Here is an image of the first unit:

still with the old marking.

As MDS, GSM and LPS do not differentiate any more from customers sight we do call all 3 LPS-HR today. So all MDS, GSM and LPS are replaced by the LPS-HR now.

Altough our software does not support the 24Bit today the new converters have advantages: much less noise and more accuracy (but we’d write that in the datasheets after we got some experience with it, not today). As we will implement our new EIS hardware in the software first the 24Bit feature will take at least one year from now.

The product datasheets have been updated accordingly – see products

We expect to deliver the first products in the second quarter of 2023. The prices won’t change because of that, so the old price lists are still valid.