If you have checked the XCTS MKII image carefully you may have realized: There is a new CPU, our third generation:

  1. Generation N, 1999, Single Core @25MHz, 2MB RAM, 3mm LED
  2. Generation X, 2006, Single Core @266MHz, 32MB (later128MB) RAM, 5mm LED
  3. Generation C, 2018, Quad Core @1.9GHz, 4GB RAM, RJ45 on front

All XCTS MKII will be delivered with a Generation C CPU, all other systems latest from 2019.

As you can see in the list, the new CPU has much more power than its predecessor. Especially as the different threads will run on different cores. But as the access to the boards cannot be speeded up too much the total improvement will be somewhere in the middle.

The slots for Generation X and C are compatible but the mninimum width of the generation C is a bit more (4cm instead of 3.5cm), so there may be systems where a Generation C CPU won’t fit.

A Generation N slot is not compatible to the other CPU’s but can be adapted.

Of course the new CPU requires actual BaSyTec Software.