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The History of BaSyTec

1990     Development of a 20 channel computer based battery test system for long term cycle life tests of solar batteries. The tests system was operated for more than 6 years at the University of Stuttgart and the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW).

1995:    Development of a modular and 'Low-Cost'  BattEry Analysing and Test Equipment (Beate) at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW). The Beate System was optimised for material research and cycling of small batteries.

1996:    Development of a flexible pulse charge system at the ZSW

1997:    Over 300 test-channels of the BEATE System were manufactured

1998:    The idea of a new high speed battery test system was born by the development group of the ZSW. The target was a modular, flexible and high speed test system at acceptable costs.

1999:    The BaSyTec GmbH was founded by the development group of ZSW
First systems were manufactured in autumn

2000:    Development of a test system for the new 42 V power net
Cooperation with a Taiwan company

2001:    New office and manufacturing space

2002: New Products: Mini Climate Chamber and Battery Capacity Tester (BCT)

Today our test systems are running in laboratories all over the world.